Now is the best time to suggest library stuff for next year.  Is there a new hot series out we don't have?  Suggest it!  The stuff we have is old?  Suggest new stuff!  Teaching a new class next year and we don't have enough stuff?  Suggest stuff!

Want to know if we got your stuff?  Check out the New Items list in Fall, search the catalog, or simply ask.   
Take a look at the May 27th issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine in the library now.   Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence, is on the cover!  Lawrence talks about taking the role and her feelings about playing Katniss.  Head shots of the full cast are also included. has created Hunger Games Central on its web site.  The movie is set to be released in 2012 so there's still plenty of time to read the whole trilogy.
Fordham University is offering a speed reading program in Poughkeepsie this summer.    There are three sessions; one for 6-8th graders, 9-11th graders, and one for grade 12 and beyond.  Details are on a flyer just inside the library entrance.
The library's catalog has a new look and a lot of new, great features to help you find the best resources faster.  Check it out!
SYNC is giving away free audiobooks all summer long.  Go to for more details.
For students, all library materials are due by June 1st.  As always, if you have a paper or project for which you need your library stuff, simply let us know at check out.